4 Possible Reasons Why Your Side Windows Aren’t Closing

4 Possible Reasons Why Your Side Windows Aren’t Closing

Days of manually cranking up windows are over. Cars these days are fitted with electric or power windows. However, power windows only supply convenience; they don’t guarantee that there will be no issues. Side windows can get stuck too.

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Has it ever happened to you that you try to pull down your side window when you are sitting in your car, but it wouldn’t budge? You’ll try pressing the window button repeatedly, but the damn thing won’t move a centimeter.

In times like these, you must remember that rattling the window with your fist won’t do any good. Control your caveman instincts because it could cause you to get injured. Or could damage the window resulting in a higher repair bill. Either way, it’s not worth it.

There can be quite a few reasons why your side windows might not be working. A power window isn’t as simple as a car regulator window. A simple accident or getting jammed aren’t the only things that can cause it not to move.

Some of the causes why your side window is stuck might be below.

Bad Regulators

Inside your car door is a window regulator (it’s basically a metal arm) that connects the glass to the motor. If the regulator gets disconnected from the glass or motor or fails, the window won’t work. 

If you have a damaged regulator, then a technician will disassemble your car door, replace the regulator, and install everything back together.

Burned Out Motor

Your power window goes up and down, using a mechanism driven by electricity coming from the motor.

Every time you try to move the stuck window, you will hear a clicking, whirring sound, which indicates that the electrical flow hasn’t been disrupted. But if you hear nothing, then there is an electrical problem. Either the fuse has blown, or the motor is burned out. You need to get the whole system checked to determine the problem.

Faulty Switch

If your window switch isn’t working, your power window won’t move an inch even if its motor is in perfect condition.

Do a quick test. Try moving the passenger side window that is stuck with the window switch on the passenger side. If it moves, you have proof that the switch is not working.

Ice and Snow

Winter season brings with it a majestic layer of snow and ice that can cause trouble for your car. After all, it can’t all be snowball fights and snow angels. Snow and ice can cause your side windows to freeze with the frame, causing them to get stuck.

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