4 Ways You Are Damaging Your Auto Glass Without Even Realizing!

4 Ways You Are Damaging Your Auto Glass Without Even Realizing!

4 Ways You Are Damaging Your Auto Glass Without Even Realizing!

There are thousands of people who refer to their car as their baby or their first love. Well, if these people were as thoughtless with their loved ones as they are with their vehicle, they’d be alone.

Now now, no need to get offended just yet. Hear us out. There are dozens of things that car owners do each day that are potentially damaging their vehicle’s auto glass. As a result, every day, some car owner or the other has to get their glass replaced.

Did your last auto glass need replacing before the expected time? It’s not the fault of the material. You probably did a few things without realizing that affect your auto glass.

The best thing for you to do is to find out what exactly damages your auto glass and avoid that at any cost. A few thoughtless acts can cut your auto glass’s life short.

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Four things to avoid for the sake of your auto glass:

Harsh cleaning techniques

Whether it is removing snow from your auto glass or dirt, remember to be gentle, or you will do more harm than good.

The worst thing you can do is use a scraper on your windshield. While many people think of it as a quick and effective way to remove snow, they are essentially leaving behind a ton of scratches on their auto glass. Other methods are more effective than using a sharp tool.

Another bad choice for cleaning your auto glass is using harsh materials. Using strong cleaners instead of mild car cleaning liquids, scrubbing with hard brushes, and wiping with any other kind of cloth apart from the microfiber can be lethal for your auto glass.

Unsafe parking spots

If you value your auto glass, then don’t park your car anywhere. Parking on the street or at a random spot is a potential risk. A kid’s baseball could come flying at high speed and hit your auto glass with full force for all you know.

Always park in a covered garage or a shaded parking lot.

Secondly, don’t leave any stuff or bag in the car to avoid break-ins.


In this case, Neglect is being referred to as not seeing to crack repair, not cleaning your auto glass regularly, and leaving the car exposed to weather elements and extreme temperatures.

Put a cover on your car or park it in your garage. That will save it from several issues.

Regularly clean your auto glass with a proper cleaner and microfiber cloth. Don’t use a regular glass cleaner on your auto glass.

Once a month, give the whole car a thorough cleaning, during which you can check for any cracks. If you find any small damages, then quickly repair them before they get bigger.

Ignoring these small cracks would turn into a potential hazard as the glass could break during driving, resulting in an accident. Also, you will end up having to replace the whole thing.

Temperature fluctuations

Put a cap on your impatience and regulate your body temperature better with the right choice of clothes instead of subjecting your auto glass to extreme temperatures changes.

During the winter months, people turn their heaters and defrosters to full to quickly remove snow cover and heat the car.

While in the heat, they blast their air conditioners to cool the car the minute they enter quickly, instead of gently bringing the temperature down or letting the cold air regulate the car’s temperature.

Going from extreme cold to hot and vice verse causes the glass to expand and contract quickly, resulting in cracks. 

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