Can You Get Your Tinted Auto Glass Repaired?

Can You Get Your Tinted Auto Glass Repaired?

Many vehicle owners feel more comfortable when their auto glass is tinted, shielding them from fellow drivers’ prying eyes.

So naturally, when their tinted windows suffer a scratch or crack, the very first question that comes to mind is, ‘How do I get my tinted auto glass fixed?

Tinted auto glass damage isn’t as big of a deal is it may seem to some. Our auto glass experts at A-List Auto Glass help repair from the most minor to the most significant damages on your precious tinted windows.

If you live in Tampa, FL, and are worried about how to get a seamless black tinted auto glass, click here to have one of our experts stop by your location. We will repair your compromised tinted window so you can drive around without worrying about people staring into your car.

Why is fixing my damaged tinted auto glass even important?

A scratched tinted window doesn’t pose any sort of major threat to the owner. However, it does reduce the visual appeal of your car. Whether you own a Toyota or a Lamborghini, cracked, scratched, and chipped tinted windows look horrible regardless of how well-maintained other aspects of your vehicle are!

Also, delaying to repair your tainted windows will sooner or later, cause the tint around the damaged area to peel away from your glass.

What was once a tiny scratch can, over time, cause the entire tint layer to peel off of your glass if not repaired right away!

To avoid this unnecessary fuss, here’s how we work to get your tinted windows looking great again:

Remove the tint from the surrounding damaged area

Auto glass experts use a collection of essential tools to gently and carefully remove the tint from the surrounding affected area. If the tint has already started peeling off, the technician will cut it away with precision.

This stops the tint to continuously peel away and off your window’s surface and saves you from getting a new tint replacement.

Time to clean

After the peel has been cut off, your technician will start cleaning the damaged area to ensure no dirt is stuck in between the crevice.

Your window gets injected – literally

Once the nooks and crannies of your windows are thoroughly cleaned, an auto glass professional will inject resin filler into the cracked or chipped damaged area.

This will seal your window’s surface and strengthen it against future chips and scratches.

New tint film application

In about 20-30 minutes, after the resin filler has solidified in place, a new tint film will be applied on top of the exposed area.

Trimming off the edges to your window’s tint and applying a new tint film sounds easy and fun; it is anything but!

This is why it is highly recommended to leave this job to an auto glass expert at A-List Auto Glass for a perfectly smooth and all-in-one window tint.

And, if your tinted windshield is severely damaged, don’t worry. Living in Tampa, FL, means your broken windshield is covered by insurance under Florida’s Free Windshield Replacement Law!

Click here to have your windshields repaired and replaced in no time!