Child Car Safety 101

Child Car Safety 101

Children love car rides. Not only does the car take them to their favorite places, but many children also fall asleep easier in moving vehicles!

But moving vehicles also come with safety hazards, which is why you need to ensure the best safety practices when you take your kids out for a drive.

At A-List Auto Glass, we often tell people that the best way to keep your car safe for passengers is to maintain it regularly. These include things like changing the engine oil regularly and get windshield cracks repaired. (Click here to learn more about our windshield repair services)

Of course, car maintenance costs money. But you cannot put a price tag on the safety of your children. Moreover, timely maintenance is cost-effective in the long run, as your car will stay in condition for a long time.

If you reside in Punta Gorda, Florida, you can get your insurance company to pay for replacing a broken windshield. This further saves the cost of keeping your vehicle in good shape.

Along with maintenance, there are several things you can do to keep your child safe in the car. Here are some tips that you can use:

Fit the Belt Correctly

To start, there are several safety hazards posed by the incorrect use of the seat belt. Strapping a child with an adult seat belt is never a good idea because they are not secure enough for their smaller bodies.

Some people also make the mistake of buckling themselves along with a child in one seat belt. Or worse, buckling two children together. Again, bad idea.

Most importantly, you must never hold your child on your lap. No matter how slow the car is, you will not be able to prevent injury just by grabbing your child during a collision.

Go for a Special Seat

Boosters and special car seats for kids are a safer solution to seat belts. Don’t rush into buying a car seat. Instead, check the best material and safety features on a seat, which will vary with your kid’s age, weight, and height. You should also check the state’s child restraint law for the most accurate guidelines.

Place the Car Seat Backwards

Moving on, if your child is 2 years old or less, you should preferably have their car seat placed backwards, i.e. facing the back of the car. This is a proven safety technique, and some states even require this by law. This works for older children as well.

No Coats and Blankets in the Car

Even during the winters, remove coats and blankets before placing your child in your seat. The extra thickness of the coat or blanket means that that harness will not be latched tight, and it can loosen during a collision or even when your car goes through a bump in the road.

Drive Safely

Last but not least, driving safely is necessary to protect passengers. Even with the best safety features, you still have to act responsibly on the road to avoid accidents. Safety features exist to protect you and your family during an accident, not to test your luck!

As your children get older, talk to them about road safety. Tell them how important it is to focus on the road and how passengers should sit still and not move around in a speeding vehicle.

So that’s about it. At A-List Auto Glass, we provide the best auto glass replacement services in Punta Gorda, Florida to make your vehicle safer. Click here to schedule an inspection.