Does Mold On My Auto Glass Actually Pose A Threat?

Does Mold On My Auto Glass Actually Pose A Threat?

Does Mold On My Auto Glass Actually Pose A Threat?

When buying a car, the last thing anyone thinks about when it comes to car maintenance is mold. Yes, mold. Houses and buildings are not the only structures that you need to inspect for mold. Your car is also at constant risk.

So anyone who has ever dealt with any kind of mold growth knows it needs to be removed immediately, preferably by experts. But since people find mold on the auto glass to be unusual, they have no clue how to deal with it or if they should be doing anything about it at all. 

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Yet before we move ahead and answer these questions, there is a lot that you need to know.

Can it really be mold?

Yes, its mold. As unbelievable as it may sound. Molding can occur on auto glass, so watch out.

Is mold dangerous?

Yes, mold is a threat, whether on your bathroom wall or your auto glass. It can damage both your car and other structures such as walls, wood, etc.

Auto glass seals

Mold eats away at the auto glass seals, causing the glass to become loose, leading to accidents. So regularly check your car for mold and see if the seal is intact. If the seal is damaged or has parts missing, you need to fix it before the glass breaks, causing an added expense of auto glass replacement.


Mold spores can break off and enter the car through the windows and air conditioner to cause a ton of issues.

Exposure leads to anything from coughing, wheezing, runny nose, and rashes, to redness of the eyes, itchy eye, and watery eyes. Also, it can affect the breathing tract right away.

Long-term term exposure can be much worse for a person’s health. And of course, the type of mold also plays a part in the severity of the symptoms.

How can you prevent molding?

Mold is a type of fungus that grows in damp, dark places, so the first thing to do to prevent this is to eliminate all the reasons it can grow.


Wipe off any moisture from the inside of the car. Also, don’t leave your car parked in a place with no proper ventilation and a lot of moisture.

Fresh air

Let your car out in the sunlight, and open up your auto glass windows and sunroof to let in the fresh air to ventilate the vehicle.


Don’t leave leftovers in the car. Always throw out what you aren’t eating, or food can act as a breeding ground for mold.

Defrosting and air conditioning

Use your car’s defroster heater and air conditioner every once in a while.


Give your car time to dry before you cover it up or stuff it back into the garage. Also, you should vacuum your car regularly to clean the interior and remove any spores thoroughly. Proper cleaning reduces the chances of mold growth.

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