Four Ways You Can Protect Your Car’s Windshield.

Four Ways You Can Protect Your Car’s Windshield.

If you are notorious for being quite the roadrunner, chances are you will need more than one car glass repair in your lifetime. Taking care of your car’s glass is no joke and can take a toll on someone who just can’t seem to slow down when driving. Your car’s glass will inevitably break or face cracks and this means only one thing; You will eventually have to replace your windshield.

Here is a bit of good news! Florida is one of a handful of states in the country that has you covered through insurance. If you have comprehensive insurance and you live in the State of Florida, you will not even have to pay a deductible. The State knows just how dangerous driving with a cracked or shattered windshield can be and they did something about it! So, if you have a crack or break or worst, make an appointment now with A-1 Auto Glass. We will even come to you! It is that simple.

Here are four tips to avoiding having issues with broken or cracked windshields.


If you think your car is safe on the Sarasota, Florida’s roads that seem to almost always be jam-packed with angry drivers and large vehicles, think again. Changing your route and opting to take the road less traveled will not only save you time, but it will also prevent your car’s glass from encountering a crack or complete breakage!

Play It Safe

Sure, you can be the overzealous driver and choose not to keep distance between your car and another car, but you will pay the consequences of that later. No matter how great of a driver you are, you want to keep a safe distance to avoid confrontations with vehicles and causing your glass from shattering into a million pieces. Following cars too closely is the number one-way glass gets chips or breaks. Keep your distance between the next car.

Gravel Is the Enemy

This doesn’t need to be mentioned but ending up on a gravel road has happened to all of us. Avoid gravel and all gravel-like surfaces like the plague to ensure your car’s glass safety. Also, keep in mind when gravel trucks are on the road, these trucks end up unintentionally throwing off some gravel on the road as they pass by – so watch out! This is a huge cause of windshield cracks and damage. Ensure you keep double the distance between large trucks.

Park in the shade if you can.

If you are aware of your windshield’s sensitivity to breakage under extreme heat, your safe bet is parking your car under the shade. This will prevent your car’s glass from getting exposed to unnecessary cracks and, most of all, save you from spending big bucks on car glass repair.

The reason why you want to keep your car cool under shade is so that your car’s glass doesn’t face the wrath of Sarasota, Florida’s unforgiving scorching summer temperatures which, as we all know, can shatter your car’s windshield and windows very quickly!

If you find yourself needing glass replacement, don’t be concerned! You live in the right state and A-List Auto Glass will come to you making your windshield replacement very easy. Here is a link to book your appointment.