How Not To Damage Your Auto Glass While Cleaning

How Not To Damage Your Auto Glass While Cleaning

We all know that an object hitting our car’s windows or windshield can damage the auto glass. We also know dust and debris can also harm your auto glass. But what if we were to tell you that cleaning your auto glass can also cause scratches and cracks?

Many of the techniques and tools that we use to clean our car’s windows and the windshield can cause irreparable damage to the glass.

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Some things must be avoided at any cost if you do not want to damage your auto glass.


Ammonia and harsh chemicals can cause damage to your auto glass. Do not use just any detergents or cleaning agents that are lying around the house. Buy gentle cleaners that are designed specifically to clean car windows.

Cleaning Dry Glass

Wiping dry windows can cause dust and debris particles to rub across the surface, causing scratches that hinder visibility. Water and cleaning agents cause lubrication, so the surface of the glass is not damaged.

Paper Towels & Old Towels

Wiping or drying your car windows with paper towels or old towels can cause scratches. Paper towels are too rough, and old towels can trap debris that can create scratches. Always use a microfiber cloth to wipe your auto glass.


Sponges are commonly used in cleaning cars, but they are too rough for use on auto glass, so avoid it.

Cleaning Brush

Bristles of a brush are stiff, so scrubbing your auto glass with it can cause damage. No matter how dirty your car window or windshield is, do not use a brush on it.

Power Washing

Power washing your car is not dangerous if the pressure is low. Use specific nozzles and keep the pressure on low when cleaning your auto glass. Otherwise, regular power washing with high pressure can cause the auto glass to break in the long-run.

Water Temperature

Clean your auto glass with water that is at room temperature. Using boiling water can damage the car windows, and if the outside temperature is cold, then the glass can even crack.

The best thing you can do is use warm water, mild cleaners, and a microfiber cloth to avoid damaging your auto glass or making the existing damage worse. Also, make sure that you do not scrub the glass or put too much pressure on it. Gently rub the cleaning solution on the window in circular motions.

Also, check your car’s vipers to see if the rubber has worn off. That way, you can prevent the auto glass’s surface from getting scratched every time you switch on your wipers.

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