How To Care For Your Car During Love-Bug Season.

How To Care For Your Car During Love-Bug Season.

If you live in Fort Myers, Florida, you must be well-acquainted with those pesky insects called ‘love bugs’. They make their debut every April/May and again in August/September for mating purposes, and are a public nuisance, to say the least. If you live elsewhere, you might be thinking to yourself, “Love-bugs sound cute, what wrong can they possibly do?”

Well, for starters, they come in enormous swarms and die in large numbers on windshields whenever vehicles drive by at high speed. If left on your vehicle’s surface for more than an hour or two, their remains become almost impossible to remove. This leads to windshield scratches and pits, and not to forget, your car’s paint from chipping off due to excessive cleaning.

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So, with their dreadful arrival in the summer months, how can you care for your car? Here are a few tips that will keep your automobile love-bug-free!

Regular Car Waxing

Getting your car waxed before their unwelcoming arrival will protect your car from the harsh acids these bugs release once they begin to decay. This type of acid is so potent; it can easily eat up your automobile’s paint within 24 hours! And if left for far too long, this acid can dig deep into your car’s surface and leave pits – this further weakens your windshield’s surface, making it more prone to cracks and chips!

The last thing you want is for your precious vehicle to suffer permanent damage from these bothersome bugs! With waxing, you are essentially shrouding your car with a protective layer that will prevent this acid from seeping into your windshield!

Get Your Car Washed

Car washes are a necessary part of maintaining your car’s cleanliness but become even more important when you have love bugs flying around. The best way to avoid acidic decays from happening is by driving your car through the wash tunnel every few days.

The spray wax that is used inside the car wash tunnel will prolong your waxed surface’s life up to 90 days before the second coating of hand wax is needed.

However, an alternate remedy against the love bug dilemma is using a special anti-love bug cleaning solution. This will stop love bugs from feasting on your car’s paint and put an end to those horrid pits their acidic bodies leave behind!  Lastly, with regular car wash, you can also wave goodbye to grime that usually settles after a rainy day in Fort Myers, Florida.

Check Your Grills

No, not your BBQ grills. We meant your car’s radiator grills that are hotbeds for these irksome creatures. If not checked regularly, these pests can grow in vast numbers, clog up your radiator grills, and cause your car to heat up during ignition! Now, who wants that?

All kinds of bugs are annoying but love bugs really do take it to the next level with sticking, and eventually dying, on your windshield. And because of their vast population, it is always best to be prepared beforehand to save yourself time, energy, and vehicular damage!

If, however, your auto glass has suffered defeat against the love bug army, fret not. At A-List Auto Glass, we safely install and replace your car’s auto glass and help you get on the road in no time! Book your appointment at