How To Drive Safely In Fog

How To Drive Safely In Fog

Automobiles have come a long way since their inception. Today’s cars are not only faster but also safer. The latest vehicles offer safety features to protect drivers and passengers, even during high-speed collisions.

Even the modern windshield glass is created using the float method, where the glass floats in a chamber as its cools and cures to form stronger glass (click here to learn more about auto glass options).

Of course, this doesn’t mean that drivers no longer have to be vigilant while traveling on the road. In fact, even with the best technology, you need to always be careful on the open road.

Today, we talk about how to drive safely in a fog.

Stay focused

To start off, driving in fog requires your complete focus. Turn off the music or anything that can distract you. You should also roll down the window so that you can hear the traffic on the road.

Moreover, while the fog will restrict your field of vision, you must ensure that your windshield is clean and free of damage to maintain maximum visibility. If you reside in Punta Gorda, Florida, reach out to A-List Auto Glass to replace your old windshield glass before fog season.

Slow down

No matter how fast your car is, fog is not the time to show off your engine power! Even if there is a car on your tail, or if other cars are honking so you make way for them, you must maintain your cool and keep a steady speed.

You should also maintain a proper distance from the car ahead, just like in any weather condition. You never know when you will have to bring your car to a grinding halt.

Avoid high-beams

Moving on, when you can’t see anything on the road, you are tempted to use high-beam headlights. But this is dangerous. The minuscule droplets from the fog reflect light sources, which can end up blocking your field of vision even more.

Instead, turn on your fog lights, if the vehicle has this feature. Some cars have rear-facing fog lights, and turning them on will also help other drivers on the road.

Look out for road signs

One of the best and safest ways to drive in fog is to follow road signs, markers and reflectors.

Most drivers instinctively follow the taillights of the car ahead of them. However, you can never know for sure how much attention the driver ahead of you is paying to the road. So be careful while following the car ahead of you.

Stop if necessary

Finally, you should always know when to stop driving when the fog gets too dense. In fact, this may be the most important tip for drivers in all sorts of weather conditions.

So if you are unsure of what lies ahead on the road (or even if there is a road ahead), immediately stop driving. Even if you are driving in an emergency, you should halt if necessary.

There’s no need to test your navigation skills when you can’t see the road ahead. Doing so can lead to all sorts of problems. You can hit bumps on the road, which can ruin the suspension. And you can even damage your auto glass.

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