Preventing Icy Car Windows This Winter

Preventing Icy Car Windows This Winter

The biggest issue all drivers who do not own a covered garage attached to their homes face is ice and snow formation on their car’s auto glass.

Every morning drivers have to spend unnecessary time melting the snow and ice that has covered their windshield and windows. And the worst part is that most quick and easy methods of melting or removing the ice end up damaging the glass.

Deicing using salt or chemicals, scraping, and pouring hot water all badly damages your auto glass. A scrapper causes scratches, while hot water and salt can weaken the glass, causing cracks to appear from consistent use. 

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Melting ice everyday costs time, not to mention it is also highly frustrating. But you can’t drive around with a windshield that provides an impaired view. So here’s what you can do…

Vinegar solution:

Mix three parts apple cider vinegar with one part warm water in a spray bottle. Gently shake to mix the liquid and spray it generously on your auto glass a night before. Wipe down the excess liquid from the windows using a squeegee or an old rag.

Spraying this solution will stop the ice or snow from forming on your windows, and if by chance, there is a thin layer, then spray the same solution on it to deice.

Rubbing alcohol solution:

Mix two parts rubbing alcohol with one part water in a spray bottle and spray the solution a night before on the windshield, windows, and rearview mirrors. Repeat the same process as was done with the vinegar solution.

Saltwater can also be used to do the same, but in our opinion, it should be avoided because long-term use of salt can damage the auto glass.

However, you need to know that the vinegar solution, rubbing alcohol solution, and saltwater all do the same thing. They have a freezing point lower than that of water, forming a protective layer between the glass and moisture.


As stinky as it may sound, rubbing an onion on your auto glass can save you from an icy window. Cut onion lengthwise and rub it all over your windshield the night before. The oils in the onion prevent the formation of ice.

Windshield cover:

Use a windshield cover if you are parking your car outside to protect it against snow and ice during winters.

If you don’t own a windshield cover, then an old carpet, shower curtains, or tablecloth can also work. The idea is to form a barrier over the auto glass. All you need to do the next morning is to remove the cover.

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