The 3 Most Common Window Repair Mistakes Every Floridian Makes & Doesn’t Even Know It

The 3 Most Common Window Repair Mistakes Every Floridian Makes & Doesn’t Even Know It

Cracked windshields and broken windows are an issue every driver faces some time or the other. Your auto glass cannot last forever, whether because of thefts, accidents, or other problems. We also cause significant damage to our own windows. However, perhaps the worst damage that we inflict on our windows is during window repair.

What drivers first need to decide is whether they need repair work or a replacement. If your window is badly damaged, it is better to get an auto glass replacement instead of repair. This can solve your problem and save you money.

However, estimating the damage done to a window yourself is challenging, so it is best to leave the inspection to the professionals. A-List Auto Glass offers quick auto glass repair and replacement solutions in Sarasota, Florida. Click here to schedule a replacement now.

We Floridians make many mistakes when it comes to window repair, and that too without realizing. Below are three examples.

DIY Repair

DIY repair may sound appealing, but some things are better left to the professionals. The biggest mistake drivers make is think they can repair their car window by buying DIY kits or watching tutorials online.

They fail to realize that the people repairing the auto glass in the videos have experience; that is why it all looks so effortless. Are you willing to take the risk of damaging the window more than it already is?

A tape cannot stop the damage from increasing. Instead, it hinders your visibility by reflecting light or blocking your view. As for clear nail polish, it is a temporary fix. Clear nail polish wears off within a few days. What if your window cracks while you are driving because your repair method did not work? You can get into an accident.

Washing A Damaged Window

While cleaning your window is necessary before repair, it is not something you should try, at least not the way you usually do. Washing the window can damage it further. If you still want to clean it, use a damp microfiber cloth and gently rub it in circular motions over the window. Be careful not to apply any pressure on the window.

Ignoring Repairs

Being short on time is not a good enough excuse to ignore window repair or drive with cracked auto glass. Driving with broken windshields and windows is not only dangerous but also costly. The wind pressure can cause the cracked window to break, thereby injuring the passengers, and can result in traffic accidents.

On top of that, if you are caught driving around with damaged auto glass, you will be fined, even if it is to the repair shop. Call a towing company instead.

A-List Auto Glass offers you off-site replacement services in Sarasota, Florida. Click here to schedule a replacement, and our technician will be at your location within 60 minutes to replace your auto glass.