The Different Kinds of Windshield Glass You Didn’t Know About

The Different Kinds of Windshield Glass You Didn’t Know About

When it comes to buying or modifying cars, the owners opt for their desired engines, body paint, or rims. But what most car owners don’t know is that they have quite a few options for the windshield as well. 


At A-List Auto Glass, we believe that safety comes first. But you can still choose a windshield according to preference without compromising the security of your vehicle. Car owners in Sarasota may click here to learn more about our auto glass replacement services. 


And today, we will talk about the choices you have when it comes to ordering windshield replacement glass. 


Laminated vs. Tempered Glass

Laminated windshields include two sheets of glass bonded together with a thin sheet of poly-vinyl butyral (PVB) in between. The three components are pressed in rollers and heated with an autoclave, making the layers strong while keeping them transparent. 


Many cars, however, have windshields with glass made from tempering.


This process involves heating a sheet of glass to a specific temperature, after which it is cooled rapidly. As the change in temperature causes the glass to expand and contract, the inner layer becomes induced with tension while the outer layer hardens. Tempered glass is often used for rear windshields as well as side windows. 


OEM vs. Aftermarket Windshield Glass

Once you have decided on the type of glass for your windshield, you can also choose where to get it. Even here, you have two main choices. 


Original Equipment Manufacturer or simply OEM windshields are ones you get directly from the car’s manufacturer. These windshields are tested for your car’s performance and safety, and they come with certification. Sometimes, car dealers act as middlemen and sell OEM glass with their own brand name, but the quality is the same.


Aftermarket windshields, on the other hand, are manufactured by a third-party. These share similar specifications as an OEM glass, but they are sold as generic and off-brand. Generic windshields are typically cheaper than OEM varieties, especially when purchased from abroad.


The downside is that you will never know about its origin. Nevertheless, the glass’s quality will be durable and sturdy enough, and you can find an aftermarket windshield glass to match your specific car model. 

Other Options

Modern windshields offer a wide range of options and features. Even one particular car model can have several options when it comes to choosing a windshield. You can, for instance, select a wide range of shades and tints. 


Windshield features also include different frits, acoustic properties, and cameras. So when you are going for windshield replacement, pay close attention to the windshield’s frit for manufacturer logos or OEM names that need to be matched. The logos also identify whether the windshield has acoustic or sound-proof features. 


Some windshields also come with heater grids located under the wiper blades. These prevent the buildup of snow on the wiper blades. 


Of course, we can talk about other windshield features as well. The bottom line is that when you are ordering windshields in Sarasota, you should know about the types of glasses and other features to find the best windshield for your car.


And once you do so, you can simply visit us at A-List Auto Glass for replacement. Click here to get a quote.