The Safety Features That Come With Your Car’s Windshield

The Safety Features That Come With Your Car’s Windshield

We all travel by car these days. Either we drive cars ourselves or pop in an Uber – but have we ever pondered over our windshield’s function? Probably not. Sarasota, Florida is quite notorious for its rough and unbearable traffic – especially when the sun is at its zenith wreaking road havoc and exhaustion.

When driving your way downtown under Florida’s sweltering temperatures, your patience tends to thin out. With the hustle and bustle of city life, you want nothing more than to hasten your way home to unwind from the back-breaking day you’ve just had. But, here you are; stuck in traffic, losing your cool, and getting frustrated.

Your impatience takes over and…BAM! You collide with another car and hear the sound every car owner dreads hearing; crack!

What do you do? Well firstly, you panic.

Then you remember you had read about A-List Auto Glass’s windshield repair and installation services somewhere. You hurriedly take out your handy smartphone and check out A-List Auto Glass’s Schedule Replacement Page and fill in all the necessary details. The best part is; they come to your home/office to repair, replace, and install your car’s windshield at a moment’s notice!

Also, great news for Floridian folks: under Florida’s State law, your windshield replacement is covered by your car’s comprehensive insurance. Meaning, you can get your damaged auto glass replaced and repaired without spending a dime!

The purpose of a windshield is more than just protecting you from the unruly weather outside, or dust particles floating into your eyes; windshields practically ‘shield’ you from other external threats such as protecting you from physical harm such as accidents, and ensure you stay safe and calm whilst driving.

Here are some of the most fundamental safety functions of a windshield:

Makes Sure You Stay Inside Your Car

Yes, the broad safety function of a windshield is to keep you safe inside your automobile and make sure you don’t fly out of your car in case of an unfortunate accident. Just like airbags and seatbelts, windshields act like concrete barriers against car collisions.

Along with your seatbelt securing you in place and airbags inflating to give you cushiony protection, windshields, when installed with precision, keep you scratch-free in the event of an accident. This is why proper installation is extremely critical – if not, occupants can face severe (even irrecoverable) physical harm!

Prevents Car Damage In Case of Any Rollover

Rollovers are fatal and can leave one permanently disabled, if not dead. Strong and heavy-duty windshields will protect your car’s roof from collapsing during a rollover, and thanks to A-List Auto Glass’ accuracy in installing windshields; your car’s weight will be supported and prevented from caving in.

Make sure to pay extra focus on the material and strength of the windshield when considering an auto glass installation. This is critical since this will determine if your car’s roof will stay in place. If the windshield’s material is weak, you and your car are more prone to suffer catastrophic injuries!

Helps With Visibility

Windshields come installed with vipers which help with visibility in situations such as a rainstorm, fog, or snowstorms. This is important because when you are driving during Sarasota‘s heavy rainfall season, a clear windshield is all you need to drive away in the storm safe and sound.

If you have been noticing minor cracks and chips on your windshield lately, it’s time to head over to A-List Auto Glass’s Schedule Replacement Page to get an appointment for windshield installation. We come to your location, wherever you may be!