Tips For Protecting Your Car’s Windshield

Tips For Protecting Your Car’s Windshield

In a perfect world, hail will not spray over your windshield. And neither will a baseball fly over the backstop and strike your car. But whether you like it or not, windshield damage is inevitable.

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Thankfully your car’s windshield is sturdy enough as it is. Automotive glass is constructed to withstand accidents and collisions. But while your car’s windshield is durable, it isn’t indestructible.

So if you have a new car or you just got your windshield replaced, here are some tips to help you protect the auto glass from chips and cracks.

Park under the Shade

To start, you have to avoid parking your car under direct sunlight. The more your windshield is exposed to the sun, the shorter its lifespan will be. Among other damage, UV rays expand tiny cracks that not only look bad but also compromise your visibility when driving.

So, you should always try to find a shaded spot whenever you want to park your vehicle for an extended period. Parking under a tree is recommended (unless you know a storm is coming!).

Park your car safely

This follows from the previous point. Apart from weather damage, parking your car in the wrong spot can damage your auto glass. So definitely, you want to keep your vehicle away from a construction site.

And also, avoid parking your car near a parking or public space where kids are playing baseball!

Close the car doors gently

Whether it’s by a reflex or your bad mood, slamming your car door is terrible for your windshield. The intense vibrations of a door shut forcefully can cause tiny cracks on the glass to become spiderwebs!

Clean your windshield properly

Cleaning your windshield is essential to increase its lifespan. But you should also know how to clean your windshield the right way.

You want to avoid ammonia-based liquids during the summer as they damage the car’s window tint.

And avoid pouring hot water on your windshield in winter. Also, use high-quality window scrapers to remove snow from the glass. Cheap quality window scrapers can cause scratches to the windshield.

Check the wipers

The wipers on your car come in regular contact with the windshield. That is why you need to check for damaged wipers to preserve the integrity of the auto glass. Old and worn out wiper blades are unable to push away all the water, and they can also cause scratches on the glass.

Drive safely

Along with maintenance, driving your car safely is necessary to keep your car’s components in perfect working condition. Many chips and cracks on auto glass occur when stones and bits of pavement fly and hit your vehicle. That is why you should always keep a safe distance from other cars on the road.

These are some of the best ways to protect the durability of your windshield. And if you notice minor damage on the glass, you should go for repairs immediately.

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