What To Do If You Have A Sandblasted Windshield

What To Do If You Have A Sandblasted Windshield

Have you ever noticed tiny holes in your windshield when the sun is shining directly on it? If yes, then you have a sandblasted windshield.

Sun glare makes the pits on your windshield appear more pronounced, resulting in obscured vision during daytime driving, which can become a hazard. Over time, these small pits will turn into cracks and chips, and extreme cases of windshield deterioration can cause accidents.

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What causes sandblasted windshields?

Sandblasted windshields are windshields that were blasted repeatedly by particles of sand, dust, dirt, and road debris. While driving, you might have seen or heard these particles hit your auto glass. Though this tiny debris is not sizable enough to cause any severe damage to the glass immediately, constant sandblasting can leave your windshield riddled with cracks and chips.

Sandblasting is mostly the result of one of two things:

  • Tailgating

A windshield is sandblasted by road debris if it is following a car very closely. The rear tires of the vehicle in front would cause sand to get projected directly on your windshield. The closer you get to the car in front of you, the more significant would be the impact on your windshield. Thus, it is better to leave a distance of one to two meters between you and the car in front.

  • Location

Chances of sandblasting dramatically increase if you drive near a farm or construction site or on a sand or dirt road, as a higher amount of debris and dust will hit your windshield. Even if you aren’t driving fast in such areas, but your car is parked outside on a windy day without a cover, you will end up with a sandblasted windshield.

Can sandblasted windshields be repaired?

Sandblasted windshields cannot be repaired. If numerous pits and small holes are present on your windshield, you need auto glass replacement. If you do not get your windshield replaced, these small holes will grow in size, turning into chips and cracks after some time.

While the damage done by sandblasting might not be evident unless, under direct sun glare, there still is structural damage. Pits and holes weaken your windshield, causing your auto glass to lose some of its strength, making it easier to shatter upon impact in an accident or if a rock or ball hits it.  

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