Why You Should Replace Your Damaged Auto Glass.

Why You Should Replace Your Damaged Auto Glass.

Auto glass damage is inevitably going to happen sooner or later. Whether you are a calm and composed driver or are known for driving off in the speed of light, your windshield will get a few chips and cracks in its lifetime. What might look like a mere chip today, might shatter into a million fragments tomorrow if not nipped in the bud!

This is why we always urge amateur and veteran drivers to never take auto glass chips and cracks lightly. Click here to book your appointment and get your windshield repaired or replaced at your earliest convenience!

Here are some of the basic reasons why you shouldn’t put off getting your damaged auto glass repaired:

Clears Your Front View

A chipped or cracked auto glass means a delayed arrival to your destination. Naturally, when your car’s windshield is blocking your view with cracks and chips, how else do you navigate around Fort Myers’ traffic without getting frustrated? It’s impossible!

Has your windshield succumbed to Florida’s heat after all? If, due to hot temperatures, your windshield has cracked, don’t worry. At A-List Auto Glass, your auto glass’s health will be restored by our professionals so that you can hit the road again stress-free!

Committing A Traffic Violation

If you are a resident of Fort Myers, Florida, boy do you we have some good news for you!

Under Florida’s state law, it is a violation to drive around town with a broken or cracked windshield. Since the state wants to ensure road safety for all, it offers free windshield replacement and repair for those with comprehensive coverage. Also, with comprehensive car insurance, you don’t need to pay a deductible when getting your windshield repaired!

Does moving to Florida sound tempting yet? We think so!

Fix Small Cracks Now To Avoid Bigger Ones Later

You might be belittling that minuscule crack on your auto glass, thinking to yourself, “It’s just a tiny crack.”

Sure, it’s tiny. But when you are driving on bumpy or jam-packed roads, don’t be surprised if your windshield falls off right before your eyes!

It’s these small damages that eventually turn into mammoth-sized ones and end up costing you more than you had expected!

And besides, you don’t have to replace your entire windshield for a single chip or crack. A-List Auto Glass’ experts professionally repair and replace the affected area using advanced tools and methods for a seamless finish.


Having an asset as high-maintenance as a car means preparing yourself for the usual knick-knacks to happen. However, being a responsible and mature driver means you don’t stall getting your auto glass replaced and repaired even when the damage seems trivial.

A part of having an enjoyable drive is having your auto glass in tip-top condition. Thankfully, with our auto glass repair services, you can have your car looking brand new without costing you a bomb! Our services are pocket-friendly and quick, once again making your driving experience safe and care-free! Click here to book your appointment today.